Manzil Mystics is a Delhi based registered NGO that has been working in the field of education, music and development for last 7 years to make music an instrument of change. Manzil Mystics targets neglected sections of the society by holding workshops on gender education, spoken English, reproductive health, menstrual hygiene, and life skills through music, teaching song-writing in less privileged partner schools, organizing and performing socially conscientious music and producing music (writing, composing and recording) for schools, colleges, NGOs and corporates.

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Learning through Music

Through music we teach children how to express their hopes, ideals, angers and frustrations, and design our activities in a way that teaches them life skills such as decision-making, critical thinking, value clarification, leadership, team building, and more. Manzil Mystics has been running this project for last 2 years.

Chai, Kaafi & Music

The quarterly gathering happens in South Delhi where we invite our fellow musicians and other artists to join us on our musical journey. We promote arts and Indian culture through this gathering, with a multitude of theater artists, musicians, dancers, and comedians coming to collaborate and share their work.

Original Music That Makes Each Order Special!

Want to get involved?

  • We are always looking for volunteers who can help us with administrative work and our social media platforms. The applications for full or part time volunteers are open, please contact us if you are interested in joining our organization!
  • Manzil Mystics is currently working with/in 15 schools/NGOs on a variety of workshops, projects, and more. If you are a musician and want to get involved as a music facilitator in a government school, low income school or NGO, you can join us today! Our training program consists of three two hour training workshops over three days
  • Manzil Mystics funds our projects through performances, but even with the proceeds from our shows we fall short of the total sum of money we need to run our programs. Donations help us to reach the amount of funding we need to continue doing our life changing work. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in making a donation or adopting a center
  • While we know not all people can make donations, we are also very happen to swap services with other creative individuals. So if you are a photographer, music producer, event planner, film maker or social media expert please let us know if you want to exchange your services with us!
  • We are always looking for organizations or schools we can work with. If you are a part of or know any organization we can work with please feel free to contact us today





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