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How we started?

Since the inception of the ‘Manzil Mystics’, we believed that every individual in the world should get both ‘Physical’ and ‘Mental’ nutrition that is necessary for their overall growth and wellbeing. People have been able to figure out there ‘Physical’ nutrition, ‘Manzil Mystics’ decided to take responsibility to provide the ‘Mental’ nutrition that enhances mental wellbeing by conducting music workshops and music performances in the low-income communities.

During this pandemic times of COVID-19, when everything is shut, ‘Manzil Mystics’ has been concerned to see that a lot of people are not even getting physical nutrition. It all started when parents of a few of our students asked us to help them in getting ration from the Government. That was not something ‘Manzil Mystics’ had ever worked for. We wanted to act upon it considering the urgency of the situation and started distributing some of the ration on our own. There were around 3000 children and families who were learning music through ‘Manzil Mystics’. We started contacting them all to identify families who were in need and getting affected by the crisis. We identified 150 families who were in need of ration. We live in Kotla, south west district of Delhi, where there is no external support of the Government. The community was getting lunch and dinner but wasn’t being served breakfast and the gap between dinner and lunch was a good amount of time. We started making and serving breakfast to 500 people who lived on streets in southwest Delhi. To address this problem, we collaborated with Jamghat (a Delhi based NGO) and helped these families with dry ration. With the emergence of the situation, a continuation of lockdown, uncertain circumstances, we decided to take help from GOONJ, who had already been doing great work for Covid-19 relief. We realized we don’t have to focus on raising funds for ration, instead, we can raise funds for transportation, and Goonj can help us to procure dry ration. Today, we are so glad that we could reach out to more than 2000 families with more than 70% of dry ration kits from GOONJ.
Organizations like Mankind Pharma Pvt. Ltd. & Jamghat came forward and helped us in providing dry ration to 500 families. We really would like to provide our heartfelt thanks to GOONJ, especially the Founder – Anshu Bhaiya, for their support in helping us reach out to these families with dry ration.
Along with the Covid-19 food relief, ‘Manzil Mystics’ continues to work for its mission by conducting online workshops in collaboration with 5 different organizations and providing online sessions on song writing along with webinars on diverse social topics through music.

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Ashok, Labour at a Construction

“I lost the hope to feed my children and myself. I never felt so weak, but then someone told me about you, I am a very small man, but my blessings are the purest.” 

“भगवान आप सब लोगों को सुखी रखे”