Music for Change

  • Music for Change is a project of Manzil Mystics in which we write, compose and record songs and jingles for independent groups, organizations, companies and people. Our unique lyrics and song compositions have ensured we receive repeat work from many groups or individuals we have worked with in the past. This program began with a song we composed for Manzil called “Numericals,” and the success of this song prompted different people and organizations to approach us to compose songs for them
  • We have composed more than 40 songs for more than 10 organizations including PVR Nest, Tech Mahindra, Pravah, CYC, Action Aid, One Billion Rising, We The People and many more. Mystics has also been acknowledged and praised by the Election Commission of India for composing a tune for the Preamble of India and popularizing the song
  • 100% of the income generated by this project goes to the Learning Through Music program to run music workshops in government schools, low income schools and nonprofits in Delhi NCR