• An NGO breakaway of Manzil (a Delhi based NGO), Manzil Mystics has been in operation since 2011. We use music as a creative tool to contribute to the needs of society, and aim to reach each classroom in order to strengthen current teaching methods. Using an innovative and uncanny structure, Manzil Mystics simultaneously exists as a music learning institute, a band, and an NGO focusing on socially uplifting neglected sections of society
  • Since our inception, we have taught music in over 50 schools, conducted more than 2,000 workshops, have worked with numerous corporate houses including Tech Mahindra, PVR Nest, and HCL in their education/CSR ventures, along with composing songs for multiple advertising campaigns. After 7 years of dedicated work, Manzil Mystics was registered as a Trust under the Indian Trust Act in April, 2017
  • Manzil Mystics strives to make music an instrument of change to help solve the current social and economic problems of India. We believe that music is not just a piece of entertainment, but Indian society still largely doesn’t accept it as a career. Through our different projects we want to aware people that music can not only be used as a creative tool, but that it can generate enough income to sustain oneself. We do this by conducting music workshops in government schools, low income schools and NGOs. We also hold public and private music gatherings to help other nonprofits by writing, composing and performing theme based music
  • Manzil Mystics earns by writing, composing and recording songs/jingles for corporates, organizations or individuals for their campaigns, work, production or marketing. 100% of this money goes to the NGO for its operations and daily expenses
  • Our team routinely conducts innovative workshops to create social change where it’s most needed. We conduct songwriting workshops with inmates of Tihar Jail, workshops on menstrual hygiene with adolescents in the poorest areas of Delhi, workshops on sanitation, empathy, spoken English, song-writing, women empowerment, and drug-abuse wherever necessary

There are over 200 NGOs and Organizations performed for we have

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