Stage/Band Performance

Manzil Mystics started its journey with the Delhi based NGO Manzil, where the co-founders came together to form a young and versatile group of musicians, who also shared a common vision to enable Social change through Music.

Manzil Mystics is known for its compositions which are largely inspired by the philosophy of Sant Kabir Das Ji and the music of Prahlad Singh Tipaniyaji. In 2012 Manzil Mystics started performing in college fests, corporate events and commercial events, and acclaim for the group began to swell. It is really unusual to see people not dancing when the Manzil Mystics sing!

In 2014, Manzil Mystics composed the Preamble of Indian Constitution, and was recognized and felicitated by the Election Commission of India

Band performances are one of the main sources of Manzil Mystic’s funding and 80% of NGO funds come from these performances. In last 4 years, as the number of performances has increased and the exposure of NGO has grown, we have expanded from only 2 music centers when we began to the 20 music centers in Delhi NCR we have today.

Women Empowerment Programmes

Women Empowerment Through Music is a programme by Manzil Mystics, conducted in Nonprofit centres and schools for adolescent girls and young women. The programme covers Gender sensitization, Reproductive Health, Menstrual Hygiene, Career Orientation and Equality at Workplace and Home. We use music as a creative tool to engage the participants and convey powerful messages.

Music for Change

As part of our initiative Music for Change, we write, compose and record songs and jingles for independent groups, organizations and individuals. We have composed 40+ songs for 10+ organizations including PVR, Tech Mahindra & We The People, Pravah, Action Aid and One Billion Rising. Manzil Mystics has also been felicitated by the Election Commission of India for composing a tune for the Preamble of India.


Learning through Music

Learning Through Music (LTM) is the flagship programme of Manzil Mystics, which enables children to express their hopes, ideas, happiness, anger and frustrations through Music. LTM workshops are structured in a way to induce team building, nurture creativity and build confidence. Participants learn how to sing, write and compose a song. Customized curriculum as per batch size and time available across the academic year makes each centre unique. Our compositions are of a socially aware and responsible nature. Thus, students imbibe a socially responsible outlook from a young age, with issues related to gender inequality, world peace, conflict resolution and inclusion.

Community Awareness Programmes

Community events & Awareness campaigns on social issues such as Environment, Save Water, Cleanliness, Hygiene, Sanitation, Cancer awareness by composing/producing songs, stage performances and community mobilization. The program covers initiatives like Chai, Kaafi and Music; a quarterly gathering of 200+ Mysticsicians to promote art, and celebrate lives through music and and Street Music Mob, which was an unintended consequence of Delhi government banning music in public places. While most of the members of Manzil Mystics grew up practicing in public spaces like India Gate or Lodhi Garden, this law undermined the importance of music as a form of cultural expression. We believe in the potential of Music to bring about Social change and thus initiated theme based Street Music Mob. SMM grew to spread social awareness by conveying messages through music in public spaces (with proper permits issued by government authorities). Through SMM, we have helped to undertake an international campaign against women’s violence (One Billion Rising), and have also collaborated with Greenpeace India for the last 3 years