Stage/Band Performance

  • Manzil Mystics have performed over 400 professional shows over the last 7 years, focusing on singing the songs of Kabir in our self-composed Indian Folk Fusion form
  • Manzil Mystics started its journey from the Delhi based NGO Manzil, in which we wanted to create a professional group for talented youth in Delhi to perform in. As Manzil Mystics’s reputation has continued to grow, many nonprofits in Delhi have been quick to come see our shows and collaborate with us
  • Manzil Mystics is known for its compositions which are largely inspired by the philosophy of Sant Kabir Das Ji and the music of Prahlad Singh Tipaniyaji. In 2012 Manzil Mystics started exploring college fests, corporate events and commercial events, and acclaim for the group began to swell. It is really uncommon to see people not dancing when the Manzil Mystics sing!
  • In 2014 Manzil Mystics composed the Preamble of Indian Constitution and put it to music, which caught the ear of the Election Commission of India who ended up congratulating and thanking Manzil Mystics for their composition
  • Band performances are the main source of Manzil Mystic’s funding and 80% of NGO funds come from these performances. In last 4 years, as the number of performances have increased and the exposure of NGO has grown, we have expanded from only 2 music centers when we began to the 20 music centers in Delhi NCR we have today