Summary of Services

Music Workshop

We conduct music workshops which help participants to learn and become aware of life skills, reproductive health, menstrual hygiene, social skills, spoken English, History and value clarification. We do these programs for schools, nonprofits and community groups

Band Performances

With over 400 professional stage performances under our belts, Manzil Mystics have been performing in India for last 7 years. We sing the songs of Kabir in our self-composed Indian Folk Fusion form

Music Training

We train musicians or music teachers in the field of music. We cover topics like connecting life with music, teaching music vocal, guitar, drums, music teacher training, and more

Private Music Gathering

We organize/host music gatherings for individuals, organizations, small gatherings, alumni meetings, and more. We can either perform with speakers or an acoustic setup, as per the occasion

Public Music Gathering

This type of gathering is mainly for nonprofits with low funds for which we  organize events for their communities or the general public in an acoustic format

Write, Compose and Record Music

We write, compose and record songs/jingles for independent organizations, nonprofits, companies, advertisement and individuals.